Tricia Kaman, Signature Member

The Reenactor: Portraying President Garfield by Tricia Kaman

“The Reenactor: Portraying President Garfield” 30 × 24" oil on canvas

Tricia Kaman

Realistic, impressionistic; oil, pastel; figurative paintings, hand-cut silhouettes



“Tricia Kaman’s exquisitely contemplative portraits demand attention not with a shout, but with a whisper.” ARTisSpectrum Magazine, volume 30, November 2013

Tricia is the owner of Tricia Kaman Studio/Gallery in Murray Hill Galleries, Cleveland, Ohio; Founder and President of Kaman’s Art Shoppes, Inc.

Local Workshops: Local Classes, held at
–Tricia Kaman Studio/Gallery, Cleveland
–Chagrin Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls
–Orange Art Center, Pepper Pike
–Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, Cuyahoga Falls

Representation: Imagery Gallery, Chagrin Falls, Ohio; Agora Gallery, New York, NY